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Artist Information

Sir Anthony Caro, O.M. [born 1924] is widely regarded as Britian's greatest living sculptor & has enjoyed an international reputation since the early 1960's. Best known for his work in steel, Caro has also worked in bronze, lead & wood, silver etc. on both large & intimate scales. In 1960 Caro began making purely abstract sculptures constructed & welded in steel, comprised of industrial scrap elements painted in bright colours. These early 1960's works heralded a revolution in sculptural practice. Within a short period conventional ideas about sculptural materials, method, surface, scale, form & space were overturned by Caro's radical reworking of all these elements.

LBFA has been involved in Caro's work since commencing business & has obtained a select group of domestic scale interior tablepieces.

About David Bolduc

Born in Toronto, Canada in 194? Exhibiting in commercial galleries while his in teens , Bolduc has had numerous solo exhibitions in Canada, New York, Paris, Hong Kong etc. One of Canada's foremost modernists he works in a number of styles, both abstract & representational, experimenting with many media. A colourist of extraordinary subtlety & depth he engages issues raised by the 20th century experience as articulated in its literature.

LBFA has been involved in Bolduc's work since 1981. There is an extensive essay on aspects of Bolduc's practice which can be accessed by clicking here.

About Erica Shuttleworth

Born in London, Ontario, Canada in the late-1960's. After attending McGill University, Montreal, Shuttleworth studied design, printmaking & painting in Florence, Italy remaining to teach for almost a decade. She set up a studio in Toronto in 1997. With her young daughter she spends considerable time at a farm in Grey County, Ontario. An extensive solo exhibition of her landscapes was held at the McLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario in the fall of 2004 & there is a well illustrated catalogue : "SKY + GROUND : ERICA SHUTTLEWORTH" with critical texts outlining her activities in painting, drawing & sculpture.

There is an essay in the form of a ' walking tour ' attached to this site which can be accessed by clicking here.

About Eric Gill

English, 1882 - 1940

Eric Gill was a celebrated stone-carver, engraver, letter-cutter & typographer, as well as a prolific writer on artistic, social & theological topics. His views on work & art have had a deep influence on British cultural life.

About Harold Town

Canadian, 1924 - 1990.

Harold Town was a dominant personality in the Toronto art scene from 1946 onwards. He produced a continually inventive stream of pictorial creations for over forty years. Town worked in many media: painting, drawing, printmaking & sculpture - often combining several techniques in one artwork. In 1986 there was a major retrospective of Town's work at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

About Barker Fairley

1887 - 1986.

Born in the Yorkshire coal-mining town of Barnsley on 21 May 1886, Fairley came to Canada to teach & from 1915 on was a Professor of German Literature at the University of Toronto until his retirement in 1957. He wrote a number of books, the best known being A STUDY OF GOETHE [Clarendon Press, 1947]. A critical champion of his contemporaries & friends, the Group of Seven, he founded The Canadian Forum in 1920. In the early 1930's Barker Fairley took up painting seriously & his spare, linear style & limited palette were to remain constant throughout the following half century.

Barker Fairley died on 11 October, 1986, in his one hundredth year.

Fairley's work focused on two genres : landscape & portraiture. LBFA has an extensive inventory of landscapes from all periods, including 20 pencil sketches from the GEORGIAN BAY SERIES of 1938, & one remarkable portrait of a scholar.

About e.e. Cummings

American, 1894 - 1962

From the outset of his career, e. e. cummings considered himself to be a "poet and painter". Early on in his career it appeared that both cummings's "twin obsessions " would be recognized. Having exhibited & published his artwork extensively by the late 1920's, however, cummings's reputation as a poet had eclipsed his work as a painter. A committed radical innovator, he was a lifelong painter.


American, 1906 - 1965

David Smith is judged to be his country's most important sculptor, pioneering a separate movement in American sculpture before his untimely death at the age of 59. Until he turned to sculpture in the 1930's, Smith considered himself a painter, & his drawings are amongst the finest products of New York School Abstract Expressionist draughtmanship.

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